How to start a game in ApplePC
  1. Start the executable ( Apple.exe )
  2. Press 'D' to go to the Disk Drive menu
  3. Press '1' to select Drive 1
  4. Press the Tab key to get a browsable directory listing
  5. Use Cursor keys and Enter key to point out the name of the DSK-file with the game on it
  6. When you have selected the correct DSK-file and pressed Enter, press Escape to get back to main menu
  7. Press Escape again to enter simulation. The game should now load automatically.
If something went wrong or you need to change disks again or quit the emulation, press F10 to go to the main menu.

While running a program: if you want to change between colour and monochrome graphics, press F3. If you want to change between green monochrome and white monchrome mode, press F4.