8-bit Adventuring Sites
  The Classic Adventures Solution Archive This is the main site on the web when it comes to solutions for 8-bit adventures. More than 500 solutions!
  MSX Adventure A nice site about adventure games for the MSX platform. Click on the American flag in the corner if you're not fluent in Portuguese.
  Text Adventures in General
  Ambrosine's Games Page A nice site about several sorts of games, text adventures being one of them.
  Adventureland Lots of information on text adventures, mainly commercially released games.
  Open Directory Project Adventure games and text adventures at Open Directory Project (
  8-bit Computer Links
  COCOS - Commodore Computer Sitelist A well organized list of C64 related web sites. Sites are divided up into relevant groups, and they have a voting system which helps a lot in finding the best sites. Holds more than 500 entries. A Commodore 64 portal focusing on what is happening right now on the C64.