Playing Commodore 64 Games
  VICE An absolutely excellent freeware C64 emulator, which also happens to contain emulators for C128, Vic-20, PET and CBM-II. Available for BeOS, Win32, Red Hat, OS/2, RISC OS, MS-DOS and as source code.
  Frodo A very good freeware C64 emulator. Available for Amiga, BeOS, Mac and Win32, and as source code.
  C64S A quite good, but not free, C64 emulator. Available for MS-DOS only.
  CCS64 Another good, but not free, C64 emulator. Claims to be very fast. Available for MS-DOS and Unix.
  Star Commander An indispensable tool for managing C64 files. It has an interface like Norton Commander and can convert between different file formats, create new disk images and access a real disk drive connected to the parallell port of a PC. Available only for MS-DOS, but at least it runs fine under Windows.
  • Homepage - IMPORTANT: Please read about the BUG in the latest public release and how to avoid it under "Important Notes" on the homepage.
  All other tools The FairLight C64 tool list has just about every tool available for working with C64 material on other platforms.